My wife sends me lots of emails. Mostly they're asking me to pick up some food on the way home from work or showing me links to various pieces of furniture she'd like to buy. Mostly they're pleasant, even innocuous, but she's also a master at dropping email hints. Today a massive one landed in my inbox.

There are many things a man has to be aware of during pregnancy, most of which can be handled with a strong shoulder, good ear and patience (allegedly - ed). This however no longer seems not to be enough - it appears that a token of love is expected when babies are born, something sparkly, round and preferrably expensive.

A link to the following site arrived on email this afternoon - rings, rings, rings

An eternity ring for the first baby? I have a horrible feeling that this is the product of a vicious rumour invented and aggressively circulated by women. An eternity ring when you've been together an eternity? A little more like it.

As a result, the Dad Blog is launching a campaign to revolutionise gift buying at birth. Out are rings, gold watches and necklaces and in are DVD players, Sat-Nav and Super Soakers. We'll keep you updated as to whether it catches on.

Stuart has been a bit sneaky and suggested buying his wife a maternity ring. I wonder how long it'll take her to realise that in Stuart's world that sort of ring is made of plastic...