One of my lasting images from watching Meet the Fockers was the sight of Robert De Niro in his mannary gland get-up. The comedic value was such that I reckoned that no one in their right mind would try an emulate the absurdity of it. How wrong I was.

The Blooming Marvellous catalogue arrived yesterday and I saw to my surpise a user friendly version of the mannary gland. The company describes it as:

"The next best thing to breastfeeding! This feeding bottle in the shape of a woman's breast is soft and comforting and simulates the feel of a breast. Ideal for switching between bottle and breast and can be used with breast milk or formula. Capacity based on maximum breast supply. The integral nipple offers three flow rates and minimizes air intake and related colic."

So, If you want to feel a tit whilst giving your baby the tit, you know where to go.