Over recent weeks many people have been attempting to pass on advice on all manner of subjects - labour pain relief, childcare, breast or bottle etc. Much of it has been from friends and relatives. The older the advisor the more the advice takes the form of "It wasn't like that in my day" or "I wouldn't do it like that".

Whilst I'm sure it's all well-meaning, it tends to confuse and concern more than being particularly helpful.

Having spent some time reading up on 'dealing' strategies my own piece of advice for expectant fathers is to do whatever you want. If the advice doesn't seem to fit with your plans, ignore it. If it's downright rude say so. The only people having the baby are you and your partner, so do what you want.

Oh, and a piece of advice - Men, your only role in the birthing process is to chill the champagne. See, it's hard not to pass on your own gems!