Devolo MicroLink, the system that allows you to connect and network multiple PC through your existing electrical cabling in your house (

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) has announced the launch of the dLAN Audio similar to the Airport Express with iTunes, that allows users to connect their Hi-Fi to their PC.

The MicroLink dLAN Audio adapter can be plugged into any domestic power socket and features cinch, mini-jack and microphone sockets (analogue / digital input / output) for connecting Hi-Fi systems, loudspeakers or microphones. Two adapters enable a simple audio network.

The integrated encoder and decoder allow the stereo playback of MP3/ WMA files with audio data rates of up to 44.1 kHz in CD quality. With devolo plug-ins for Winamp and Windows Media Player, the user's PC can also be used as a network jukebox.

The MicroLink dLAN Audio in June with an RRP of £119.99 inc. VAT.