Dabs selling most expensive digital camera yet

We know that digital cameras can get expensive, but Dabs in the UK is selling HP's latest digital camera due to be launched next month - the HP Photosmart M22 - for a cool million excluding VAT.

According to the blurb “This tough but good looking all-metal camera combines ease-of-use and weather-resistance with a range of HP Real Life technologies first seen on HP's award-winning R-series cameras.”

If you can't however manage the total cost of the £1,174,998.82 price tag, the company will even allow you to spread the costs over 36 or 48 months.

That privilege for a camera that will let you “Just point and shoot for great results wherever you go” will cost you £503.83 shy of £45,000 a month but will increase your total cost to £1,601,862 and change. Spread it over 48 months and you'll be asking the bank manager for over £1.7million, and all for a 5 megapixel camera.

According to HP, the HP Photosmart M22 Digital Camera will be available from April 2005 at a recommended UK street price of £99.99, however they do warn that actual prices may vary.