Skype launched Skype1.0 with calls to landline service

Skype today has announced the availability of its free, Skype for Windows Version 1.0 software, which enables voice calls via the Internet. Skype 1.0 includes SkypeOut, a new service that allows Skype users to pre-pay and call any phone number in the world. SkypeOut is also available in the latest beta versions of PocketSkype and Skype for Linux.

The minimum pre-pay for SkypeOut is 10 Euro and call pricing starts at 1.7 Euro cents per minute, approximately $.02, for the 22 countries currently included in the Skype Global Rate. Outside the Global Rate, pricing varies by country. Pricing is subject to change.

Skype 1.0 Free Features at a glance:

- Conference calling - enables simultaneous and seamless voice communication between groups of up to five friends, family or colleagues
- Global Directory - the user-built global Skype contacts directory with numerous search options and an easy add-a-contact tool
- Tracking - call and message tracking
- Customization - MyPicture image display, ring tones, call alert options
- File transfer - the ability to send and receive files via Skype and education and warning regarding virus potentials with file attachments
- Mobility - login into Skype account on more than one PC anywhere in the world.
- Multiple Skype accounts on one PC
- Instant messaging & more (IM at end of list due to and more point)

Skype Version 1 is available immediately for download and works on any Windows 2000/XP PC with a 400 MHz processor, a headset, or microphone and speakers. Skype Version 1 is available primarily in English, with other language versions following rapidly.