Philips launches new webcams

PRESS RELEASE: Philips new webcams offer the latest digital imaging technology to ensure the very best quality images for video-conferencing, online chatting and video mails. The ToUcam PRO II (PCVC840K) and ToUcam FUN II (PCVC830K) combine great performance in a stylish housing to get the best from a fast broadband Internet connection.

The ToUcam webcams' high resolution (VGA 640x480), full-motion video and high quality audio capabilities make them ideal for taking full advantage of the speed and convenience of a broadband Internet connection ensuring great performance video-chatting. The webcams are supplied with all the software needed for video conferencing and recording video mails.

Philips' new webcams also have built-in digital microphones, which ensure impeccable soundtracks for videos and perfect audio for online chatting - without the need to hang an external microphone on the monitor.

Both models impress with excellent video and still picture quality. With frame rates of up to 60 frames per second and 30 frames per second respectively, the ToUcam PRO II and ToUcam FUN II enable users to make realistic, full-screen full-motion video and allow flicker-free online chatting .

At a maximum image resolution of 1280x960 (1.2 Megapixels) pixels, the ToUcam PRO II is a high-performance webcam which produces pin-sharp images. The ToUcam FUN II can be used as a digital camera to take sharp quality pictures with SVGA (800x600 pixels) resolution which can then be added to any web page and document. Both models include software for snapping, editing and archiving photos.

And with the ToUcam PRO II's full suite of software, users can not only hold net meetings and create or edit their clips but can also set up a video answering machine or can use the incorporated motion detection capability.

With the ToUcam PRO II, video calls can be made and images recorded at any time of day or night. Its high sensitivity CCD sensor and automatic exposure guarantee brilliant results even at very low light levels. The lighting luminance can be as low as 1 Lux, making it perfect for in-house and low level lighting environments.

The ToUcam PRO II and ToUcam FUN II feature XP Plug&Play, which allows Windows XP users to just plug their webcams to a free USB slot of their PC and start using any application under Windows XP.