D-Link's i2eye Broadband Videophone streams local and long distance video calls to the TV

Comment: D-Link have taken an interesting angle here and its refreshing to see that we don't have to use the broadband connection in the home with our computer everytime. In fact you could be as bold to say that in a few years time everyone will have broadband even if they don't have a computer

D-Link, the leading manufacturer of networking solutions for the SoHo, SME and Enterprise environments has announced the launch of the i2eye DVC-1000 VideoPhone - a broadband appliance that delivers IP videoconferencing capability. The i2eye connects directly to a standard television and broadband connection to stream video-enabled phone calls.

The i2eye VideoPhone provides the ability to "videospeak" locally or long distance over any broadband connection, delivering sound and images directly to the television screen. Streaming video at up to 30 frames per second using H.323 video compression enables real time video speed and quality with minimal frame loss. " D-Link has proven its expertise in the broadband arena for many years with both access and distribution products such as ADSL modem and routers. The development of the i2eye is a unique addition and brings cutting edge technology at an affordable price to the consumer," commented Balvinder Phull, Marketing Communications Manager, D-Link UK, Ireland and Benelux. " The DVC-1000 is ideal for any company looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for video-conferencing using an existing broadband connection." Designed to sit on top of the television, the i2eye features an adjustable tilt/focus camera lens and integrated microphone to capture full-screen video and wide-coverage sound. It is easy to use and setup as all aspects of the i2eye VideoPhone calls can be controlled with the included remote control.

Additional Features and Benefits
* Connection through a VCR allows video call recording.
* For optimal sound quality, a standard telephone handset can be attached.
* i2eye can be set to display video calls in either picture-in-picture or full screen mode and automatically adjusts contrast levels for a perfect picture.
* Using the ITU-based H.323 protocol for video streaming over the Internet allows i2eye to connect to other devices based on the same protocol for communications, including popular Web-based videoconferencing applications such as Microsoft NetMeeting. The unit associates a standard telephone number with i2eye's directory services. i2eye stores up to 10 of the numbers so making outbound calls is effortless.
* Privacy controls are set at various levels using i2eye's simple onscreen menus. Video Privacy allows callers to hear but not see the receivers, Audio Privacy allows callers to see but not hear receivers and Do Not Disturb will reject incoming calls altogether. When an inbound call is detected by i2eye the incoming caller's information is displayed on screen while either the integrated ringer sounds or a connected phone rings. Users can then accept or reject the call, which is displayed full screen or picture-in-picture.
* The i2eye has been designed to work with additional D-Link products such as DI-604 4-port Broadband Router, DCM-200 USB Ethernet Modem and the DWL-810 Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge

The recommended retail price is £229