Iomega Launches New Mini USB Drive

Iomega International SA, the European Headquarters of Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in reliable portable data storage, today announced that the new Iomega® Mini USB Drive, the ideal storage drive for people on the move, is now shipping in the United Kingdom.

Convenience, Security and Portability
The sleek, key-sized device, initially available in 64MB, 128MB and 256MB capacities, combines featherweight convenience with Iomega's Active Disk?
technology to give consumers the ultimate in software portability. It
also provides password-protected, reliable storage for transferring data between computers and devices.

"Mobile professionals want more out of their storage devices," said Ulrike Tegtmeier, VP and managing director, Europe, Iomega International S.A. "The Iomega Mini USB Drive sets a new benchmark for security in small, handheld drives by enabling the user to safely carry data and software applications between computers with nothing more than a drive the size of a car key. The security and simplicity of the Iomega Mini USB Drive is going to be a real plus for mobile users everywhere."

Hardware and Software Features
The Iomega Mini USB Drive provides key-sized solid-state storage and complete freedom from cables, adapters, power supplies or batteries required by other solutions. To use the drive, the user just uncaps it and attaches it to an available USB or Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) port. The Iomega Mini USB Drive is automatically recognized as an external drive in Windows® 2000, Me, XP and Mac® OS 9.x and up (Windows 98 and Mac OS 8.6 systems require driver installation, which is easily downloadable).

Featherweight yet rugged at 20g, the Iomega Mini USB Drive features low power consumption and a sliding key ring design that easily moves between the drive body and the cap according to user preference. This design feature offers improved security; users can keep the key ring with the drive when travelling and easily detach the key ring from the drive when it is connected to a PC.

Active Disk Technology
The Iomega Mini USB Drive includes Iomega's patented Active Disk technology. Software powered by Iomega's patented Active Disk technology is designed to launch automatically when the drive is connected to any supported PC (the Active Disk driver itself is a one-time installation). Software and data reside together on the Mini USB drive, require no separate installation on the host PC, and leave no trace after the drive is
disconnected. Over 80 Active Disk applications are already available as
downloads from the Iomega website, including such software titles as Microsoft Reader, Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer, MusicMatch® Jukebox and PopCap Bejeweled.

Additional Windows software features include Iomega's Mini Lock software, which gives the user the ability to password-protect some or all of the drive, and Iomega's Mini Control Panel software to conveniently view and manage data on a pop-up desktop user interface.

The Iomega Mini USB Drive is compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, XP, and Mac OS 8.6 and above (driver required for Win 98, 98SE, Mac OS 8.6), and Linux 2.4.1. The drive is Hi-Speed USB compatible and features 1MB/sec read/write performance. Active Disk technology requires the one-time installation of an Active Disk driver on the host PC, which is performed automatically on the first use of an Active Disk title.