Dead stop in PC Top Six, only two new entries across all formats

No change in the week ending 18th October 2003, the first six positions in the PC full price and budget charts are exactly the same, again, with Halo still at number one for full price and nervous driving theory test applicants still buying the theory test software in the budget charts. The return of RPC-based worms such as Welchia and email attacks from kept antivirus software kept the 2004 versions of Norton Antivirus and Internet security in their own slots at four and five.

Similar intertia has taken hold in the GameCube console charts. Although the newly-priced £80 GameCube is outselling the Xbox two to one the top three games remain Soul Calibur 2, WWE Wrestlemania and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 after a month.

In the All Formats charts, Pro Evolution Soccer/PES 3 went straight into the top slot, while long awaited Jak and Daxter sequel Jak 2: Renegade entered at number nine. These were the only pair of new entries, but this can be viewed as the calm before the Xmas storm, as we are sat one week away from November and Xmas advertising has kicked in for at least a month. The only other notable titles were the Finding Nemo tie-in doing well across all formats so rising to number six, and the substantial PC sales of Halo keeping its all-formats position at number eight- not bad on top of three million bundled or retail Xbox copies.