After the SNES Classic Mini console pre-order round, it has been a devil to get hold of the machine unless you happened to get your order in early doors. And by early, we mean within the first 30 seconds or so of pre-orders opening.

The good news is that Nintendo plans to release new stock into stores all the way up to Christmas, building more units this year than it did the NES version last.

However, timing it right to snag one as soon as they go on sale again is tricky. That's why we are scouting retail sites to bring you stock updates as and when they are available. You can see the current results below.

Sadly, while Game did list stock on Wednesday 11 October it has seemingly sold out again.

It is now listing reseller prices online, which currently start at £158.99.

While Amazon's own UK stock sold out on pre-order day, like everywhere else, resellers on the site do list the console as available if you don't manage to snag one from Game above.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay above the odds. The SNES Classic Mini's original retail price was £69.99 but current stock on Amazon is listed from around £140 including delivery.

It's a similar story on US gamers can snag one from the site but should be prepared to pay over the odds for a new or even used SNES Classic Mini.

Prices start at around $175 from resellers on the site. Its US retail price is $79.99.

Nintendo's online site in the UK currently lists the SNES Classic Mini as out of stock. We'll update as and when that changes.

It's different in the US as redirects to external retailers. You can find out the details here.

UK toy store, Smyths, was selling stock originally, for the higher price of £79.99.

However, none of the stores listed on its website seem to have stock currently. Nor is it listed for home delivery at present.

Argos is in the same boat. It too sold the SNES Classic Mini at £79.99 but states that it is "currently unavailable". It does hint at getting more stock in future, however.

Although some third-party resellers have some stock available on Amazon and Game, you might find a cheaper option on ebay.

Considering there are plenty of boxed SNES Classic Minis available on the trading site, they seem to be going for as little as £90. That's more than the original RRP but not by much.