Microsoft is launching another app for iOS and Android users.

Microsoft's mobile strategy over the past couple years has been all about developing quirky-yet-useful apps for competing platforms, such as this handy iOS app for the blind, but it's also actively bringing many of its own services over, too, like Microsoft Office and Cortana. Now, Microsoft has announced that it will bring yet another service to iOS and Android: its Edge browser.

The app is available in beta for iPhone and Android phones. Because its an early version of the mobile browser, it is only available to Windows Insiders. So, you need a Windows 10 PC to sign up, and then, if you have an iOS device, you can access it through Apple Testflight. Android users can get it through Google Play's app testing service. Check out Microsoft's blog post for more.

Like any other modern browser, the mobile version will sync with Edge on your desktop, so you can easily move from a Windows 10 machine to your iOS or Android phone (no tablets) and not only pick up where you left off but also use your bookmarks, reading list, and passwords. The app even has a built-in QR code reader. Other than that, however, Edge on your phone is the same as it is on desktop.

Microsoft will officially release Edge on iOS and Android later this year.