With all the hoo-hah surrounding the Apple TV 4K box you'd think it was the first set-top-box to adopt 4K HDR and Dolby Vision video streaming. But it wasn't even close to being the first.

Nvidia's Android-powered Shield TV box is in its second generation already and has been capable of streaming 4K HDR content, in up to 60fps, for more than a year.

Admittedly, it doesn't have the might of iTunes to draw on, but it does sport Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and, of course, Google's own Play Movies store for 4K content.

Nvidia has also taken Apple on head-to-head by dropping the price. Or, at least, ditching the games controller for a cheaper option.

From 18 October, you will be able to pick up an Nvidia Shield TV with just the media remote for £179 - putting it on a par with the entry-level Apple TV 4K box. You can still buy the 16GB model with the controller for £189.99 should you want to make use of the Shield TV's undoubted games prowess.

The controller is also available as a standalone extra for £59.99 if you decide you do want one down the line.

Pre-orders for the remote only Shield TV are now live, so you can nab yours from nvidia.co.uk for day one.