The BBC has developed a new interactive radio story.

The broadcasting company, well-known for its radio plays, has announced a new project: a comedy/science fiction play titled The Inspection Chamber. It partnered with an audio company Rosina Sound on the effort. It reminds us a choose-your-own-adventure story; as you listen via an Amazon Alexa speaker or Google Home device, you'll hear options that allow you to choose what happens next.

In this play, you actively playing a part in the story, according to the BBC. With your own voice, you can direct interaction with the characters. The whole thing is inspired by computer games like The Stanley Parable and Papa Sangre, as well as authors like Franz Kafka and Douglas Adams.

Here's how BBC explained the effort:

"We’ve built a story engine which allows us to release the same story across different voice devices. We’ll be releasing for Amazon Alexa and Google Home to start off with, but we’ve got the potential to add to that roster of devices and it’ll be interesting to see if we could get it on to, for example, Microsoft & Harman/Kardon’s Invoke speaker, or Apple’s HomePod and other devices as they come along. As far as we know, there aren’t many people developing cross-platform voice experiences in this way."

You can listen to a piece of it now on BBC’s R&D blog. The Inspection Chamber will be available later this year. It features Amelia Bullmore (as Kaye), Tom Bennett (as Josef), and Laurel Lefkow (as Dave).