Not to be outdone by Amazon, Google is offering a sale on its smart speaker, too.

Earlier today, Pocket-lint told you that Amazon has discounted the price of its Amazon Echo speaker to just £99.99, for a limited time only. That's a generous £50 off the usual £149.99 cover price. But now, Google has announced that its own smart speaker, the Google Home, is also on sale for a limited time only. It just dropped in price to £99 from £129. You can get it from the Google Store.

The discounted Google Home is also available from other major outlets, including Dixons and EE. Google didn't reveal how long the sale will last, but Amazon usually only does brief flash sales on its devices, so we expect the same from Google. Keep in mind Google Home is slightly different from Amazon Echo in that it features the Google Assistant, rather than Amazon's Alexa assistant.

In our review of Google Home, we said, in many ways, that we prefer Home. If you don't mind waiting for it to mature, then it's the speaker to get. It's better looking, better sounding and, we suspect, has the potential to be the best voice-assistant speaker going. Just recently, it added support for Spotify, allowing free Spotify users to control their music via Google Assistant.

You can read about both speakers and how they differ from here: