Amazon Echo is about to get a lot smarter, according to a new report.

Most homes have multiple speakers, and thanks to inexpensive hardware like Chromecast, it's not hard to sync them up, allowing you to hear your songs playing as you move from room to room. But now, according to a report on the German tech site Cashys Blog, Amazon is finally getting on board the multiroom audio train. It is reportedly developing a way to send multiroom audio to its Echo devices.

"It will probably soon be possible to use the Echoes as multiroom speakers, the music is then synchronized on several loudspeakers," Caschys wrote. You read the translated post from here. You will also be able to "group" Alexa speakers so that multiple devices can listen and respond. It might also mean that instead of sending one song to every Echo, you can play certain audio on a specific speaker.

Multi-room audio is one of those buzzwords that's been kicking about for a couple of years. It's a word that ultimately refers to what you might expect: audio in multiple rooms. Put simply, it's the ability to listen to music in several rooms. Depending on the system, you'll be able to play different music in different rooms at the same time, or the same music in all rooms, or just a couple simultaneously.

We've contacted Amazon for a comment about how it might implement the feature, which it has supposedly just completed testing on, and will update when we hear back.