LG is getting ready to launch the LG V30 smartphone, a flagship successor to the V20.

As well as numerous leaks over the last few weeks or so, we've received an official invite for the announcement event that precedes IFA 2017. It includes the LG V30 logo, so there's no longer any speculation on what it plans to unveil.

So here are details of the LG V30 launch, what to expect and when it will happen.

The invite received by Pocket-lint confirms that LG is holding an event in Berlin at 9am CET, Thursday 31 August. That means it kicks off at 8am in the UK, 3am EDT and midnight 30 August on the west coast of the US.

That date is the press day of the IFA 2017 consumer electronics trade show in Germany, so LG is basically kicking everything off with a bang.

The LG IFA 2017 event will be streamed online and we'll be hosting it right here on Pocket-lint. The video will be added closer to time.

Alternatively, you will also be able to view it on LG's YouTube or Facebook channels.

The invite includes the logo for the LG V30, so that's confirmed.

To be honest, we already knew the V30 would likely be announced sometime in late August or early September. And so many leaks (maybe even official ones) have appeared in the interim that it wasn't really a big secret.

Although the LG G6 is the company's flagship smartphone, its V series is still a premium lineup that packs higher-end features. It is known for its secondary display that runs along atop the main screen, though the V30 may ditch the second screen and have a curved edge-to-edge screen -similar to the one on the Samsung Galaxy S8 - instead.

Pocket-lint will be live reporting from IFA 2017 too, so you'll also be able to read about everything announced during the conference and trade show as it happens.