There's a new Xbox in town and it's being called the most powerful console made. The new Xbox One X is the go-to-market name for Project Scorpio. 

Initially announced in 2016, we now know how much Xbox One X will cost and we know the Xbox One X release date too, so it's time to start saving.

The Xbox One X has powerful hardware, offering a custom eight-core Scorpio Engine and liquid cooling, while pushing out 4K 60fps visuals, with an Ultra HD Blu-ray player on board too.

Despite the jump in power over the Xbox One S, the new console is actually smaller, but as this is one Xbox platform, you'll be able to play the same titles across different consoles, but with the Xbox One X delivering the fastest and most beautiful graphical experience.

The Xbox One X will be available internationally on 7 November 2017. The suggested retail price has been set at $499 in the US, or £449 in the UK.

Currently there's little information about where you'll be able to buy the console, but there has been some confirmation from retailers, with listings pages being revealed. You'll be able to but it directly from Microsoft, with confirmation that pre-orders will open later in the year, but a final date hasn't been revealed.

Currently there are no pre-order deals for the Xbox One X, but we expect that a number of retailers will announce deals to save you money or help you score the latest games with your new console. We'll update when we have more information.