There's a new Xbox in town and it's the most powerful console ever made. The Xbox One X is now available and you can buy one immediately.

Although the day one Project Scorpio edition soon sold out when it went up for pre-order in August, the standard model works exactly the same and you can buy one from multiple retailers right now.

It has powerful hardware inside, offering a custom eight-core Scorpio Engine and liquid cooling, while pushing out 4K 60fps visuals, with an Ultra HD Blu-ray player on board too.

And, despite the jump in power over the Xbox One S, the new console is actually smaller. Plus, as this is one Xbox platform, you'll be able to play the same titles across different consoles, but with the Xbox One X delivering the fastest and most beautiful graphical experience.

The Xbox One X costs £499 in the UK, $449 in the US.

You can check out retailers who have Xbox One X to order via the links below:

We're still waiting to hear about specific deals for the Xbox One X, especially on the build-up to Black Friday. It's a brand new console, so massive price drops are unlikely, but you'll probably get bundled games if you shop around, and we'll bring you all the details when they appear.

Currently, is one of the few places offering a great deal: