LG was one of the first to announce a flagship smartphone in 2017 with the G6. It's a fantastic phone but no smartphone ever has the limelight for long. No sooner does one launch, than its competition announces a rival and all of a sudden, what was brand spanking new, becomes old news.

Luckily, LG appears to be planning to steal some of its spotlight back. Here is everything we know so far about the second LG flagship of 2017, the LG V30.

  • 31 August suggested reveal
  • Google all but confirmed V30 is coming

Google confirmed during its Google I/O 2017 developer conference that LG would be releasing a second flagship before the end of the year after it announced on stage that LG's next device would be compatible with Daydream VR. We know from Google that we will see a device before the year is out, and although it didn't mention an exact month or any names, it is likely this device will be the LG V30.

Based on previous "V" release patterns and industry sources, the LG V30 would be announced sometime in September. The LG V20 was announced on 7 September 2016, just after consumer electronics show IFA, while the LG V10 was revealed on 1 October 2015.

LGLG V30 image 1

It looks like we will see the LG V30 announced on 31 August at consumer electronics show IFA this year though. ETNews previously claimed the device would be be unveiled at the show, which takes place from 1 to 6 September in Berlin, and LG has sent out save-the-dates for an event on 31 August in Berlin, which is the press day.

The invite has an image of a phone outline, along with a glowing letter V on what would be the screen. It's the biggest hint yet to suggest when and where the LG V30 will be announced. Previous reports also suggested the device could go on sale in August, but this only seems likely if LG announces the LG V30 on 31 August and makes it available immediately.

  • Premium design likely
  • Slide out display rumoured
  • Rear-mounted circular fingerprint sensor and dual camera suggested

The LG G6 was a far cry away from its predecessor, righting many of its wrongs and pushing all the right boundaries, predominately in terms of its display.

While the G series has been the guinea pig in terms of design ideas though, the V series has generally nailed it first time. The LG V20 offers a lovely lightweight aluminium build with super slim bezels, STD 810G drop protection and a sleek and stylish finish.

We'd expect the LG V30 to follow in both the path of its predecessor and its successful G6 sibling, offering a premium design, almost all-screen front, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and more than likely a dual-rear camera setup again. We'd also expect to see IP68 waterproofing.

Evleaksthese leaked lg v30 renders reveal a slide out secondary display image 1

Leakster Evan Blass published some renders at the end of May which he claimed were old mock ups of the LG V30, or Project Joan as he also called it. The renders show a slide out secondary display, which would be a move away from the V30's predecessors where the secondary display was positioned at the top of the main display.

Blass did warn that the V30 may not be heading in this direction still though so grab a pinch of salt for this one.

OnLeaksLG V30 renders image 3

Following up on the renders from Blass are some more renders from another reliable leaker, @OnLeaks. The renders published by @OnLeaks show a slightly different direction to what we saw from Blass with no obvious sign of a slide out display. They show a dual rear camera, like the renders from Blass did, but in a slightly different setup with a circular fingerprint sensor beneath.

Based on the renders from @OnLeaks, the LG V30 will have USB Type-C at the bottom with a single speaker, a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and an all-screen front. According to My Smart Price, the LG V30 will measure 151.4 x 75.2 x 7.4mm, which if true, puts it at a little larger than the G6.

  • 6-inch display rumoured 
  • 18:9 aspect ratio likely for all-screen front
  • Expected to be OLED rather than LCD

That almost all-screen display we are expecting for the LG V30 is said to be coming in the form of OLED rather than the company's previously preferred choice of LCD.

This is one of biggest rumours circulating around the device, supported by the announcement of Daydream compatibility from Google. All the devices currently compatible with Daydream, or those coming like the Galaxy S8, use AMOLED displays rather than LCD.

Despite its fantastic OLED TVs, LG has only ever opted for an OLED display on a smartphone once: the G Flex. That was of course a little different though, given it bends, so the LG V30 is being called the first LG smartphone to have an OLED display. If true, you can expect brighter, punchier colours and better contrast than you'd traditionally find with LCD.

OnLeaksLG V30 renders image 4

The LG V20 and LG V10 both have a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, as does the LG G6, despite the latter offering a different aspect ratio at 18:9 rather than 16:9. We'd therefore expect the LG V30 to remain in a similar ballpark in terms of both size and resolution, though we wouldn't be surprised to see it adopt the 18:9 ratio and add Dolby Vision and HDR 10 skills. Based on the renders from @OnLeaks, an all-screen front is likely.

It's been claimed it will have a 6-inch display, but assuming it follows the path of the G6, its footprint isn't likely to change to much if true. We'd also expect it to increase its resolution to Quad HD+ like the G6 did.

The V10 and V20 both had a secondary display at the top which presented various notification icons and information without the need to turn the main display on. We'd expect the V30 to offer similar given it has become a distinguishing feature of this series, though we aren't sure if it will go down the same route as Blass suggests.

GSMinfolg v30 what s the story so far image 2

A patent found by GSMInfo, republished by SlashGear suggests an almost all-screen front and the presence of the second screen feature but in a slightly different way to previous models. The patent shows a device with a row of icons like the V10 and V20 present but there appears to be a camera in the centre of them. There are also no other sensors or speaker grilles based on the patent. For now it's just a patent, but it does spark some interesting questions about the V30.

  • Dual-rear camera expected
  • Could have same as G6 with two 13MP sensors

LG loves a dual rear camera and unlike some companies, it works well. The LG G5 had a great camera, as do the G6 and V20 so we'd fully expect a dual camera to be on board the LG V30 too. 

Yes, LG might get bored with the double sensor thing, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? What sensor sizes will be on board the V30 have yet to be rumoured, but we wouldn't be surprised to see it follow in the footsteps of the G6, like the V20 did with the G5.

If this is the case, there could be two 13-megapixel sensors on the rear, one of which would be a wide angle lens, along with features including optical image stabilisation and phase detection autofocus. The G6 has a 5-megapixel front-facing snapper, as does the V20, but we wouldn't be too surprised to see the resolution increase slightly for the V30. 

The LG V models have been all about video capture in the past, so we'd expect this to remain a feature, supported by strong audio too.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 likely
  • Focus of audio also likely
  • Battery capacity should be around 3000mAh mark 

Although rumours are thin on the ground when it comes to the hardware of the LG V30, it is set to be a flagship smartphone and therefore, we can expect flagship specs.

At the moment, this would mean the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which has been suggested by a leaked benchmark, at least 4GB of RAM and more than likely 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. The LG G6 and the LG V20 both have microSD support so there's a good chance the V30 will also offer storage expansion.

In terms of battery, the LG V20 had a removable 3200mAh capacity, while the LG G6 has a non-removable 3300mAh capacity so we'd hazard a guess the V30 will have a similar capacity, though we'd expect it to be non-removable this time round.

There will also no doubt be a big focus on audio with the LG V30, as there has been with the previous V series devices. The V20 offered Qualcomm Audio, combining a Quad DAC with high quality speaker sand sensitive mics. When it launched, it was the only smartphone in the world to include a 32-bit Quad DAC from ESS and the first to have ESS's HyperStream 2 audio technology so expect big things from the V30.

  • Android Nougat with LG UX 6.0 likely
  • Similar experience to G6 predicted

The LG V30 will most likely arrive on Android Nougat with LG's UX 6.0 user interface over the top, like the G6. No doubt there will be a few additional features added on the software front, but we'd expect a similar experience to that of the G6.

For now, a lot of the information surrounding the LG V30 is guesswork. We know it's coming and we are also fairly confident it will have an OLED display based on the Daydream compatibility, but other than that, no one knows anything for sure. 

We will continually update this feature as more leaks and rumours appear in the coming months though so keep checking back.