Google Assistant is ready to take on Apple’s Siri.

It was rumoured that Google planned to roll out Assistant as a separate iOS app, but now, while at the Google I/O developers conference, Google confirmed the speculation. Assistant is becoming a multi-platform voice assistant. But it won't work like it does on Android devices due to API restrictions. For instance, on iOS, it'll only be able to do stuff like play music from Spotify and send iMessages.

You won't be able to do things like set alarms, and you can't assign Google Assistant to the Home button in order to replace Siri. But you can add a Google Assistant widget. By launching an app for iOS, Google will give developers more incentive to work with Google Assistant. Also, Google has a history of launching its services on iOS, because it cares about getting those services out to as many people as possible.

By bringing Google Assistant to iPhone users, it could open the door to wider Google Home adoption with Apple users. Check out Pocket-lint's Google I/O guide to see what else Google has announced.