Microsoft has announced its next major Windows 10 update.

Remember, Microsoft already revealed it will update Windows 10 twice a year - in the spring and in the autumn - with new features and noteworthy upgrades. The last major update, which arrived in March, was the Creators Update. While at Build 2017, Microsoft confirmed the autumn update will be called the Fall Creators Update, and it includes a focus on bringing Windows experiences to iOS and Android devices.

Here's everything you need to know about the Fall Creators Update.

Technically called the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it is an upcoming major software upgrade for existing Windows 10 users. Microsoft is detailing the update for the first time while at Build, its annual developers conference. The company has announced six key additions included in the update: Story Remix, Timeline, Pick Up Where You Left Off, Clipboard, OneDrive Files On-Demand, and Fluent Design.

Story Remix is a new Windows 10 app. But it's not just any app. It's basically a successor to, or even a replacement for, Windows Movie Maker, an app that let you create videos on a Windows XP or Windows 7 machine. Story Remix works in the cloud and essentially lets you pull in images and video from any device - whether iOS, Android, or Windows. In other words, it provides a true multi-platform experience.

You can grab media from multiple devices and get started right away working on your video. It reminds us a lot of Apple’s new Clips app. You can even start making an video with Story Remix on an iPhone, but if you want to finish creating it on a Windows 10 PC, you can do that too. The app also supports 3D models and lets you pin objects in scenes. It therefore combines Microsoft's Remix 3D and Paint 3D technologies.

It seems to borrow a little from Snapchat's augmented reality effects. And, like all video makers meant for the average consumer, you can add soundtracks, including ones from Microsoft's Groove music service. From what we can tell, this app is aimed at everyday people and not professional video editors. It will launch with the Fall Creators update.

Microsoft introduced a feature called Timeline. It will be built into the Fall Creators Update. With Timeline, you can go back to an earlier snapshot of your system and restore open programs and documents. You can therefore go back in time to find what you were working on, scrub through your history of open apps and documents, and restore a session. It essentially lets you rewind your system to a previous time.

Timeline also works with the new Pick Up Where You Left Off feature that lets you resume sessions and apps on multiple devices. Microsoft wants app developers to link their desktop apps so users can resume experiences on an iPhone or Android device. It's even adding a cloud clipboard that will sync across Windows, iOS, and Android, so you can copy from a PC and paste it on a phone.

This new, cloud-powered clipboard will also be directly integrated into Microsoft’s suite of Office apps, which will make it easier for you to quickly grab content from your mobile device and place it into a document you're working on from your desktop. These Clipboard and Timeline features in the Fall Creators Update remind us of Apple's Time Machine and Universal Clipboard tools, respectively.

OneDrive Files On-Demand will store all of your data in the cloud and only download it when you actually want to use relevant files. You can choose to keep everything in the cloud, with OneDrive only downloading the required data when needed. A new status icon will show whether a file is available locally or needs to be downloaded from the cloud first, in case you need to use the service offline.

Microsoft debuted a new look and feel to Windows 10: Fluent Design System. It was previously codenamed Project Neon and is part of Microsoft's effort to leave the Metro user interface behind. The name refers to the tools developers have to create applications, and in this instance, can bring game-like features to interfaces, such as layering, elements that pop out at you, and more motion and design options.

Microsoft hasn't revealed all the features in the Fall Creators Update. We suspect the company will announce more details over the summer.

The Fall Creators Update should release in September 2017. We will keep you posted when we learn of the exact release date.

Yes, the update will be free for existing Windows 10 users.

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