The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are just over a week away from hitting shelves, but while they may be an evolution in smartphone technology when it comes to 18.5:9 screen, the camera is the same as the one that featured on the Galaxy S7 Edge. It may have a few new features the help improve photos, but ultimately, it's the same sensor.

The Galaxy Note 8 may not have the same camera as its Note 7 predecessor though, and will instead come with a dual camera setup, the first for a Samsung phone. At least, that's according to Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a noted tipster when it comes to making predictions about Apple's new devices.

Kuo says the new camera will be "the most important upgrade" for the Galaxy Note 8 and will feature a 12-megapixel CIS support dual photodiode (2PD), 13-megapixel telephoto CIS, dual 6P lenses (6P lenses are made up of 6 lens elements, the idea being more elements results in better photos), dual optical image stabilisation and 3x optical zoom.

Kuo adds that he believes the Note 8's potential dual camera will be superior to the one found on the iPhone 7 Plus, and could match the one that Apple is expected to fit to the iPhone 8 with OLED display due out later this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was at one point, thought to come with a dual rear camera of its own. A leaked prototype showed a Samsung device with a dual camera in a vertical array, however company executives said Samsung saw no real value in it, at least at the time.

The Galaxy Note 8 is due out sometime this year, Samsung confirmed the phone itself when it announced an upgrade program for anyone who bought a Galaxy Note 7. We're no closer to knowing a date though, but as ever we'll bring you all the latest news as and when we hear it.

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