Sky has begun to roll out new firmware for its Sky Q set-top-boxes that adds voice search and a few new features.

Some customers will have the update by now although others might have to wait as it's being rolled out in stages. All Sky Q customers will have the new software by the "end of spring", however.

Voice search has been one of the features promised by Sky since the launch of Sky Q. Indeed, the voice button has been on the touch remote since the beginning, but hasn't been needed until now.

It enables you to find content simply by pressing the button, found on the side of the remote, and simple say what you are looking for. It could be the name of the show, a more generic term, such as "Liverpool game", or even a famous quote from a movie.

The voice recognition engine will also recognise genres, star ratings and actors. For example, you can search by just saying "Tom Hanks movies with five star ratings".

In addition to voice search, the latest update changes the navigation pages and user interface. You will now land on My Q as the homescreen, with recommendations based on your viewing habits being front and centre. A continue watching section will enable you to pick up where you left off in an episode.

Navigation has also been simplified, with the TV guide and recordings being one swipe (or tap) away.

Customers can also link their Facebook profiles to the new UI, which will enable viewing of Facebook videos and photos from within the my photos section.