TPVision, which releases televisions under the Philips brand, has unveiled its 2017 range of sets and it has a healthy range of 4K HDR options coming to the UK.

They will hit British stores from April/May, with some coming in June, mainly because TPVision is awaiting Freeview Play certification for all smart and Android models. Yep, all major Philips TVs this year and beyond will be Freeview Play compatible, meaning you can catch up with shows from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and UKTV channels simply by scrolling backwards through the EPG.

They also come with a new remote control, at least at the top end, with the company's trademark QWERTY keyboard on the rear.

Pocket-lintPhilips 2017 TV line-1-5

There are plenty of variants too, as part of the 6000 Series, 7000 Series and a brand new OLED. So here are the 2017 4K HDR models from Philips to look out for and some of the key differences between them.

Pocket-lintPhilips 2017 TV line-1
  • Screen sizes: 55
  • OLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • HDR10 & HLG
  • Price: £TBC

The flagship TV from Philips this year is a new OLED set that will sit alongside rather than replace last year's 901F. That's because it comes with rear-firing integrated speakers rather than a "visible sound" strip that runs at the bottom of the existing version.

The OLED panel is the same, but the picture processing is different. The 9002 utilises the all-new P5 picture processing chip that TPVision claims is 50 per cent more effective than last year's three-chip system. That results in better all round picture performance.

It is HDR and HLG compatible from the box and comes with Android Marshmallow for smart TV and app support. It also has three-sided Ambilight, which casts colour behind the set left, top and right. It is capable of peak brightness of 750nit and comes with Ultra HD Premium certification.

Pocket-lintPhilips 2017 TV line-1-2
  • Screen sizes: 49, 55, 65
  • LCD IPS with edge LED backlight, 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • HDR10 & HLG
  • Price: £TBC

We suspect the new OLED TV will be pricey so if you're looking for something that still offers a premium experience but at lower cost, the Philips 7000 Series has a few sets that could turn your head. Of those, the 7502 is the flagship model.

That's because it also comes with the P5 picture processing chip, Android TV and HDR10 and HLG picture tech. It doesn't quite match the high brightness levels of the 9002, with maximum brightness of 400nit, but it has a similar design aesthetic, with a brushed aluminium open desktop stand and bezel.

It also comes with a visible sound soundbar that runs along the bottom of the screen, which combines with "triple ring" speakers on the rear of the set to provide a wide soundstage and up to 45W of overall output. Like the OLED it has a quad-core processor and 16GB of internal storage for the Android M smart functionality.

There is three-sided Ambilight on board too.

Pocket-lintPhilips 2017 TV line-1-3
  • Screen sizes: 49, 55
  • LCD IPS with direct LED backlight, 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • HDR10 & HLG
  • Price: £TBC

The 6000 Series represents a more entry-level point for Philips' 2017 4K Ultra HD and HDR TVs, with the 6482 sitting at the top of a trio of choices.

It has 400nit brightness, HDR10 and HLG support and a Micro Dimming Pro backlight, which dims areas to match the on-screen action in order to provide better contrast. It also comes with the visible sound speaker strip along the bottom of the screen for front-firing audio, and a metallic bezel much like the 7502. However, it doesn't have the P5 picture processing, sticking with last year's PixelPlus Ultra HD processing instead,

It is an Android TV set, with Android M ensuring that Netflix plays in HDR as with the TVs above. And it comes with a new premium remote control, like the higher-end models in this year's line-up. It also has three-sided Ambilight, something TPVision is keen to use on all 4K TVs this year to make them different to competitors.

Pocket-lintPhilips 2017 TV line-1-4
  • Screen sizes: 43, 49, 55, 65
  • LCD IPS with direct LED backlight, 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • HDR10 & HLG
  • Price: £TBC

Almost everything you find on the 6482 is also on the 6412 although its brightness is lower, being rated at 350nit, so bright areas will look visibly dimmer than on any of the sets above. It doesn't come with the new remote control either.

It still has support for HDR10 and HLG though, plus the Micro Dimming Pro backlight. The three-chip PixelPlus Ultra HD processing works its magic on images.

Like all the TVs featured, it has a metallic design aesthetic. It will also be fully Freeview Play compatible by the time it is released in the coming months. It has a 20W rear speaker system.

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