Following the announcement that Sky will introduce satellite dish-free Sky Q from 2018, the company has also released an infographic detailing its plans for 2017 and it mentions Dolby Atmos and voice control.

There's no specific date set for either feature, but it's good to see their on Sky's radar. BT has recently said it will broadcast live Ultra HD sporting content with Dolby Atmos sound, so it's no real surprise to see Sky wanting to follow suit. It would have been nice to see HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the plans too, but considering the Sky Q box can't support it, it's no wonder. However, it remains to be seen if it will be able to support Hybrid Log Gamma when it eventually rolls out. On the contrary, Virgin's upcoming V6 Box will be able to support HDR content.

The roadmap for the year ahead mentions both Voice Search and Voice Control. Voice Search should arrive soon, and is a feature we've known about for some time, but Voice Control is new. Sky hasn't said what the proposed function will do, but we can assume you'll be able to perform functions such as turning the box on and off, as well as perhaps your TV, using your voice. There's already a microphone in the Touch Remote, but at the moment it's unused.

Another feature Sky has mentioned is Autoplay on Credit, which we assume relates to Sky Box Sets. It's likely the next episode in a series you're watching will start playing a lot sooner than they currently do. Other features we already know about that will launch in the coming months include the entire Formula 1 season in 4K Ultra HD and the ability to record six shows at once while watching a seventh on the Silver 2TB box.