Along with a wealth of new televisions, laptops and other tech, CES is increasingly packed with connected devices for the home.

We’ve walked the show floor to bring you the most interesting smart home devices we could find at CES 2017.

Pocket-lintLenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo has announced a smart speaker powered by Amazon’s Alexa cloud-based voice services, offering an alternative to Amazon's Echo speaker.

For those looking for high-quality audio, there's even a special edition Harman Kardon version.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant will be available from May 2017 for $129.99. The Harman Kardon version will also be available from May, but cost a little more at $179.99.

NvidiaNvidia shield spot

The new Nvidia Shield TV set-top box offers a whole load of gaming and entertainment potential, but interestingly, it's also a Google hub, offering Google Assistant. The more interesting development from a smart home perspective is the Shield Spot device.

You can place the Spots around your house as an extension of your Shield, meaning you can use those Google Home services from other parts of your house, to interact with your Shield TV, use voice control and so on.

The Nvidia Shield Spot will cost around $49 when it goes on sale, although a date hasn't been confirmed.

NetatmoNetatmo Smoke Alarm

Netatmo unveiled a new smart smoke alarm which is web-connected and sends alerts to your smartphone when smoke is detected in various areas of the house.

The company says you can buy multiple alarms and places them in different areas to get specific and useful warnings dependent on the location. Hopefully “there’s smoke in the kitchen” will be more than just burnt toast warnings.

The Smart Smoke Alarm works with a range of other services including IFTTT and Apple Homekit. With a 10-year battery life and automatic warnings to your phone when the battery is getting low at least you’ll no longer have to worry about whether your home smoke alarm is actually working or not.

Netatmo hasn't released the price yet, but have said the Smart Smoke Alarm will be available in the second half of 2017.

VeluxVelux Active Windows

Velux Active windows represent a new light in the world of smart home products. These smart windows can be controlled by a range of sensors and your smartphone.

Netatmo and Velux have partnered here to combine their sensors and allow for automated opening of the windows in your home depending on the weather conditions and quality of air inside the house.

Velux Active windows will be available in Q3 2017.

LGLG Hub Robot

LG has announced the Hub Robot, a little Amazon Alexa powered robot capable of controlling a swathe of the company’s own connected devices including everything from washing machines to refrigerators.

With a built-in speaker and camera, the Hub Robot is able to recognise and communicate with different family members and do a range of other clever things like tell you the contents of your fridge or reading a recipe from the web.

LG are yet to announce price and availability.

Pocket-lintSamsung Family Hub 2

The new and improved Samsung Family Hub refrigerator now boasts a bigger touchscreen and a range of news apps as well as an improved interface.

Multiple fridges in Samsung’s range will include the hub and be capable of doing everything from playing music from Spotify to mirroring a TV screen. Voice control is now included as standard and there’s the possibility of ordering food from Lidl straight from the interface too.

Samsung has not yet released pricing or launch dates, watch this space and we’ll keep you updated when we know more.

LGLG  Smart Instaview Refrigerator

LG also announced it’s own smart fridge in the form of the Smart Instaview Refrigerator. Boasting a 29-inch touch screen panel this fridge also includes the option to control it via Amazon Alexa integration.

All this means you can see what’s in your fridge or add items to a shopping list all with the simple command of your voice.

There’s no current word from LG on release date or pricing.

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