The humble smartphone might be able to do a million and one tasks allow you to do everything from call your mum to tweet your best friend, but drop it on the floor and it has the potential to become a shattered mess.

While we would recommend getting it fixed as soon as possible, from someone like, you can actually turn your misfortune into something rather cool while you wait by changing your phone's wallpaper to highlight your phone's new found damage.

Here are some examples we've found where phone users have done just that, turning a disaster into something we are even tempted to smash up our phone for ourselves.  

Enjoy! Lee kick cracked screen wallpaper
9gag.comSmashed screen punch cracked screen wallpaper
twitter.comBall of energy cracked screen wallpaper
twentytwowords.comCracked-Phone-Screens-2 smashing things up cracked screen wallpaper Man power cracks screen Norris kicks screen cracked screen wallpaper
binarybinarybinary.tumblr.comMiley Cyrus cracked phone screen
youkaineko.tumblr.comFrozen cracked phone screen
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