The Steam winter sale is always a massive deal for PC and Mac gamers. Yes, we've just had a sale as part of the Black Friday period, but that was nothing in comparison to the bargains to be had over Christmas and into the new year.

Games deals at the end of each year are traditionally bonkers. With more taken off than at an office party after someone spikes the punch.

Valve hasn't yet officially announced the date this year's winter sale will start, but you need to get poised to start a-spending on 22 December. A NeoGaf user spotted an official listing for the sale and posted a screengrab.

According to the grab, it runs through to 2 January, so you get 11 days to fill your Steam library with hundreds of games you probably won't ever play - like us.

The Steam team has always had fun with its winter sale too, with a hilarious lampooning of a classic advert being the teaser for its 2013 event. It was a direct lift of the famous Coca-Cola Christmas commercial with a dodgy voice-over saying "Steam" over the drinks brand name and still makes us giggle today.

We'll update you on the Steam winter sale when we get closer the time.