Mpow Goshawk If you're a runner or an avid gym goer, you probably wear headphones. But are they the right headphones for you to wear, especially if you sweat a lot? Mpow Goshawk believes it's the right choice for you. Here's everything you need to know about these buds.

Mpow Goshawk is a set of Bluetooth headphones. They are packed with loads of technology, including Bluetooth 4.1, a CSR 8640 chip, high-fidelity sound, noise reduction, and a sweatproof nanocoating. And all that's wrapped in an all-metal, minimalist shell suited for both males and females.

Yes. Imagine if you are one of those people that find themselves sweating like a fountain when they go on a run, and your headphones are so soaked in sweat because of it, you're worried whether they'll break.

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The Mpow Goshawk headphones are not only sweatproof, but to ensure they don't get damaged, the circuit board inside the earbuds has been coated with waterproof and corrosion-resistant nano-material, which is supposed to protect it from sweat.

Standout features include support for Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and a "Best CSR chip", which results in a more stable Bluetooth signal for frequent high-fidelity sound.

You can stray roughly 10m from your device and still maintain a connection, but if you should get disconnected, you'll automatically and seamlessly connect again when within range (as long as you've paired successfully the first time around).

The Mpow Goshawk, which is made of a sleek metal shell and comes with one micro USB charging cable, one wire clip, and ear caps in three sizes, also features "advanced APTX tech" in order to deliver "incredible sound quality with crystal clear treble".

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There's CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction electronics integrated in each earpiece, too, to reduce external noise and make every phone call clear in loud environments.

They also feature a flexible over-the-ear hooks that promise to firmly hold the earbuds in your ears.

Yes, that's right, with these sweatproof sports buds you also get hands-free calling and voice clarity on your runs if someone calls you.

The Mpow Goshawk are £23.99, however for a limited time (28 November 2016, you'll be able to buy them from for £17.99. Each pair comes with an 18-month "worry-free" warranty.

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