LG's next flagship smartphone - the G6 - will be appearing in the next couple of days.

Rumours have been appearing speculating about what features the successor of last year's modular smartphone will offer, as well as what features it might miss off. This is everything we know about the LG G6 so far.

  • Launch on 26 February at MWC 2017
  • 7 April on sale date claimed for US
  • 10 March on sale date claimed for Korea

LG has scheduled an event for 26 February, which is the Sunday before MWC 2017 kicks off and traditionally the day Samsung launches its new flagship. The media invite has the caption "See More, Play More" and it has an 18:9 ratio, which is the same ratio the G6 is confirmed to be coming with.

It has been suggested the LG G6 will go on sale straight after the Barcelona show, though more recent rumours claim the device will go on sale in the US from 7 April. The 10 March has also been suggested as the date it would go on sale in South Korea. We'd also expect it to remain a little cheaper than its competitors, sitting around the £500 mark, like the G5.

The Vergelgg6leak.jpg
  • Modular design of G5 to be ditched for G6
  • Full-metal waterproof and dust resistant body confirmed for G6
  • Iris scanner suggested

The LG G5 launched with a modular design and a range of modules, or Friends as LG called them. A report from Korea's Electronic Times has claimed LG is scrapping the modular idea for the G6 smartphone though, something that has been reiterated by a render from Shai Mizrachi of Android Authority and a spokesperson from LG itself. The Wall Street Journal reported the LG spokesperson said the company will be "scaling back the modularity" for the G6.

Other reports originally claimed the company would opt for a tempered glass rear for the LG G6, over the painted aluminium finish of the G5 but LG has now confirmed the G6 will have a full-metal body. LG also released a press release with statements from industrial designer Torsten Valeur, who  has seen the G6. Valeur describes the smartphone as exhibiting "minimalistic design elements" and "perfectly smooth to touch". He also said the device has a "soft matt finish", "a metal frame that wraps around the perimeter" and a "perfectly flat" back with "no camera bump".

Evan Blasslg-g6

A leaked image, posted by The Verge, shows the top half of the LG G6 in what seems to be a press shot. The image presents a device with very slim bezels, a good screen-to-body ratio and what appears to be a solid build, which supports everything that has been said so far about the G6, including the metal build. The image also shows curved corners, something which has also been shown in an alleged prototype leak. Evan Blass has also produced renders of the G6 based on what has been revealed and rumoured so far, helping to give an idea as to what to expect.

Additionally, there have been reports to suggest the LG G6 will be waterproof, which LG has also now all but confirmed in teasers for the new device. Apparently the company is considering a more expensive waterproof adhesive compared to the tape Samsung uses for its S7 and S7 edge smartphones.

It has also been claimed the new device might come with an iris scanner on the front, something the Samsung Note 7 featured and something rumoured for the Galaxy S8, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

  • G6 confirmed to have 5.7-inch Quad HD+ LCD display
  • Curved OLED display was first rumoured, but not expected to be available in time

Rumours originally claimed LG would be equipping the G6 with a curved OLED display, which would have put the new flagship in the same play pit as Samsung and its S6 edge and S7 edge devices. Despite already producing OLED displays for the Apple Watch Series 2 and its own TVs and smartwatches, it was then claimed LG Display won't be in a position to mass produce OLED screens in time for the G6.

Instead, LG Display has confirmed the G6 will come with a 5.7-inch 2880 x 1440 Quad HD+ LCD display. The company has said it will be the first screen to sport an ultra wide 18:9 aspect ratio, delivering a pixel density of 564ppi for a super sharp and "immersive viewing experience". The screen is also said to be ideal for multi-tasking and dual-screen functions and it will use LG's in-Touch technology for more a responsive experience.

  • Dual-camera setup will remain
  • Rumours of all-in-one iris and front-camera sensor
  • Software enhancements incoming

The LG G5's biggest attribute is its fantastic dual rear camera that delivers excellent results and it looks like the G6 is about to follow suit. The company has announced on its Korea site that the new flagship will feature two 13-megapixel rear sensors, one of which will have a 125-degree wide angle lens. This will apparently offer the same field of vision as we see with our eyes, allowing users to capture what they see without distorted edges.

The front-facing snapper will also have a wide-angle lens, like the LG V20, but the resolution has yet to be detailed for the G6. Previous rumours have also suggested the front-facing camera will be an all-in-one camera and iris scanner, but this hasn't been confirmed either.

In terms of software, LG has announced the new UX 6.0 interface coming to the G6 will feature enhanced camera software, with the ability to review and capture photos simultaneously. There will be a new Food Mode that adds additional saturation and colour for when you're shooting food and LG has said the new dual-lens camera will take full advantage of the 18:9 display with a new shooting mode that fills the entire display.

  • New wireless system originally reported, but now said to be ditched
  • Rumoured to be Qualcomm SD821 chip, not SD835
  • No removable battery

Rumours suggested the LG G6 was supposed to feature a new wireless charging system, but like the curved OLED display, it has since been claimed this feature won't make the cut either. The new system was said to offer fast charging from a distance of up to 70mm, but apparently we will have to wait to the G7 instead. Wireless charging may still make an appearance though, it just might be a different system to what was originally thought.

In terms of other hardware, a recent report has suggested the G6 won't be coming with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. It is thought the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first flagship to have this processor, with LG opting for the SD821 instead in order for the G6 to be ready earlier. We'd expect at least 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory to accompany this very capable chip though.

MicroSD support was included on the G5, as was a removable battery, but if LG does decide to step away from the modular design and move to a more premium build, it will most likely have to do away with the removable battery element, as David Ruddock of Android Police has claimed. A report on CNet also claimed the removable battery would be no more.

The LG G5 offers a 2800mAh battery so we'd expect the same for the G6, if not a 3000mAh. It is thought the company might use the same technology employed for the LG V20 to ensure the battery won't explode. Nothing has been confirmed, but LG recently announced that the V20 uses copper pipes to take heat from the processing unit and dissipate it to other areas of the device, avoiding the battery so it makes sense for it to use the same technology for the new flagship.

Ruddock also claimed the headphone jack will remain intact, something many other devices are choosing to get rid of. LG has confirmed the G6 will come with a Quad DAC to improve sound quality, which is something it introduced on the V20.

  • Likely to launch on Android Nougat
  • Will have LG UX 6.0
  • Reports of Google Assistant

LG launched the first device from the box featuring Android Nougat in the LG V20 so the LG G6 will no doubt come with the latest build of the software.

The company has confirmed the G6 will have the latest LG UX 6.0 software over the top too, which will come with several new features, some of which are designed to make full use of the 18:9 display. There is a new upscaling feature within the software and you'll be able to open windows next to each other too, such as a call reception window and the calendar app.

Business Korea also suggests we might see Google Assistant on board the G6, as well as perhaps Amazon Alexa too. CNet also suggests Google Assistant will be on board, making it the second device to offer the Siri-like feature, but the site claims Alexa won't be as LG didn't feel it was quite ready yet. Instead Alexa will apparently come to LG smartphones later this year.

A teaser from LG itself definitely suggests at least one of the assistants will be on board, with the words "less artificial, more intelligence" heading up the image but it isn't clear whether it means Google Assistant or Alexa, or both.

Based on the rumours and confirmed details from LG itself, the G6 will offer a new, more premium design, coupled waterproofing and dust proofing, a dual-lens rear camera and an all new display.

We can also expect the modular idea to die, along with a removable battery, but it looks like LG will be stepping it up in terms of software, especially if Google Assistant is introduced.

Expect all the official details, or what is left of those, to be revealed on 26 February.