The end of 2016 is almost upon us and that means CES is right around the corner.

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest tech events of the year, similar to Mobile World Congress, and we expect CES 2017 to showcase a lorry load of new gadgets, TVs, cars and initiatives that'll take our breath away. It will also outline what to expect from the year ahead.

Here's everything you need to know about CES 2017.

CES - the Consumer Electronics Show - is a tech conference held in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, where companies hold keynotes and presentations, as well as staff show floor booths, with the purpose of announcing and demoing new tech. It's been an annual event since 2004. CES 2016 was a record-breaking year, with a total attendance of 177,393. The exhibition space spanned 2.47 million net square feet.

This year's show will be held from 3 January to 8 January 2017, although most of the breaking news will occur within the first day or so. The official press days for CES 2017 are 3 and 4 January, which is when you can expect the major press conferences and big announcements.


Asus is calling its press conference for CES 2017 'Zenovation'. There will be a whole line up of products, likely to fall under the Zen brand, which could encompass laptops, smartphones and tablets.

B&O Play

B&O Play has released a teaser video for its CES 2017 announcements, although we'd like to see you try guessing exactly what they are from it. The video says the company will be 'connecting spaces', so we'd assume there's some form of multi-room involved, but that's as far as our assumptions can go for now.


BMW will be at CES 2017, but hasn't given away any details of what to expect. It's likely the car company focus on electric vehicles, perhaps revealing an update to the i3, or introducing a new model. 


No, Bosch won't be unveiling a new range of power tools at CES, but will instead focus on "how the Internet of Things becomes personal". The company will announce details of its new technologies in the fields of connected mobility, connected industry, smart home and smart city.


Dolby will be announcing developments to its Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision sound and screen technologies. There will be new products on show at Dolby's stand, which we suspect will be the latest innovations from Dolby's hardware partners. We shall see.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future is a relatively new company, only being founded in 2014. It focuses on the development of intelligent electric vehicles and has already delivered a concept car in the form of the FF Zero 1 and is even involved with Formula E. The company has said it will "unveil the future" at CES 2017.

Fossil Group

Fossil Group has confirmed that its brands, including Diesel, Fossil, Misfit, Michael Kors, Skagen and Emporio Armani will all unveil new wearables at CES 2017. Fossil also says there'll be announcements from a brand that's not currently in the wearables market. 


We're waiting for details about what Hisense will bring to Vegas, but expect this rising manufacturer to unveil new TVs and home appliances.


Honor has confirmed it will be holding an exclusive global launch in Las Vegas, which will likely be a new smartphone. For details about what that smartphone will be, well you'll just have to wait. 


HTC is rumoured to unveil a new version of the Vive virtual reality headset. Where the first generation required several cables connected to it to work, the Vive 2 will be completely wireless, perhaps increasing its popularity. 


Hyundai will be featuring its electric vehicles and electric vehicle technology in Las Vegas. This includes the Ioniq, which is available with three different electric drivetrains and can now be controlled by Alexa, using the Blue Link app. 


Intel will be holding its press conference on 4 January, where the company will talk about how it is "pushing the boundaries of technology to power amazing experiences", such as being able to power several billion connected devices to the cloud.


LG has yet to reveal details of what it's taking to Vegas, but we expect there'll be a new range of OLED TVs, SUHD TVs, some soundbars and home appliances. LG has already received 21 CES 2017 innovation awards for its Signature range of products and the V20 smartphone.


Microsoft is likely to focus its attention on virtual reality at CES 2017. The company announced details of its VR plans with the recent Windows 10 Creators Update event. Microsoft said we'd get more details about VR in December but we'd hazard a guess that Microsoft's hardware partners will bring their new headsets to Vegas.


Pocket-lintShield Android TV-7

Nvidia is rumoured to be bringing a new version of the Shield 4K Android set-top box to CES 2017. The console itself will apparently be similar to its predecessor, but the controller will receive the most updates, switching from Wi-Fi Direct to Bluetooth Low Energy. 


Panasonic unveiled the stunning CZ950V OLED TV at CES 2016, and it's highly likely the company will have a new model to show off in January 2017. We've already had a brief look at the new model, but there's no confirmed price or model name as of yet. That should be set to change in Las Vegas. Panasonic should also have some new cameras on its stand and once again show off the DMP-UB900 4K Blu-ray player.

Qualcomm is holding its big keynote speech on the morning of 6 January. The company will reveal details on "how it's bringing the future forward, faster". Products announced will relate to smart devices, connected cars, Internet of Things and robotics.


Audio company RHA has sent out media invites for its press conference in Vegas, but hasn't disclosed any information about what will be unveiled. We suspect there will be new headphone models and possibly new DACs.


Samsung will of course be at CES 2017, but hasn't revealed any details as to what it will announce. We can take an educated guess and say the company will have a new range of TVs, as well as some new home appliances. 


Pocket-lintSony blu ray 2

Sony's annual CES press conference often attracts large crowds, and for good reason. CES 2017 could see the company unveil its first OLED TVs, although they'll likely be just prototypes. There's also rumours to suggest Sony will unveil a new 4K Xperia smartphone at the show. Sony also quietly introduced a 4K Blu-ray player prototype at IFA 2016, and then confirmed a model destined for the custom install market. Could a full production consumer model be unveiled in Vegas? Here's hoping.

The third largest TV manufacturer in the world will be unveiling a new range of TVs, unsurprisingly. The company's sets aren't sold here in the UK, but they're incredibly popular in America.

Volkswagen will also focus its attention on electric vehicles and should unveil a new electrically powered van, alongside a new gesture-controlled infotainment system for the Golf hatchback. 

ZTE has confirmed it will be attending CES 2017, but hasn't given any details as to what we can expect. We suspect there'll be news surrounding some new smartphones.