Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update has a few hidden features.

While at its 26 October event in New York City, the company announced the Creators Update, an update coming to Windows 10 in early 2017. Microsoft also demoed a bunch of features we can expect: the ability to work with, export, and print 3D objects, as well as a new Paint 3D app, support for VR headsets, game broadcasting, and a streamlined way of communicating with friends. But Microsoft didn't detail everything. looked closely at a fast promo video (above) for the Creators Update that Microsoft released earlier this week, and it discovered other additions in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

We've listed the biggest changes below.


Microsoft demoed how the Creators Update will put your favourite people into the Windows 10 taskbar. In other words, it's bringing a quick-access-like option for you to quickly contact a friend or loved one. It's described as a faster way to connect and share with people directly from the taskbar. You can share with someone via mail, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Skype.

Although Microsoft demoed its people integration in the Windows 10 taskbar, it didn't say that the feature would extend to breakout widgets that let you quickly send Skype or emails to your favorite friends. You'll be able to switch between those apps within the same window. So far, according to Microsoft's video, it looks like only Microsoft's apps will be available in this feature. 


Microsoft might have a new Groove Music Maker app in the works. In the video, you can see a simple-to-use music creation tool that's touch-enabled. You'll be able to select riffs from a library, add sounds from different instruments, adjust the the BPM and length of tracks, etc.


Microsoft's Edge browser will get a tab browser option that lets you navigate open tabs with the page-preview open. A session manager is also coming to Edge, which makes it easier to restore tabs from old browsing sessions.


With the Creators Update, you'll get access to a colour picker with advanced options. It'll let you select a custom colour and preview how it'll look across Windows, so you can better match the look of your system to a specific wallpaper. 


Microsoft will soon sell themes for Windows 10 in the Windows Store. To complement custom accent coloure, Microsoft will add a "personalization" hub in the Windows Store. It'll offers themes that change the look of Windows 10. There will also be franchise themes, like Minecraft and League of Legends, and it's thought they'll also extend to the Xbox dashboard. 


Microsoft is bringing full pen support to Word, according to its video. You'll be able to edit and delete text and leave comments.

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