Nintendo has finally revealed its new games console and it is the hottest topic in town.

The Nintendo Switch (formerly Nintendo NX) comprises a tablet-style device and a docking station, so you can play the same games on your TV at home and when out and about. You slide the unit out of the dock, attach a couple of controllers either side and it becomes a powerful, fully-fledged handheld.

Effectively, it is designed to appeal to Wii U and DS/3DS fans in one.

The console uses cartridges for its games, as revealed in a preview trailer posted by Nintendo on 20 October, although we also expect there to be an online download store. It comes out in March 2017 and the Japanese gaming giant promises huge amount of support from developers and games publishers alike.

Indeed, six games appeared in the console trailer, so these will definitely be available from day one. And considering the list of partners working on Switch games, we've also got a wishlist of other titles we'd like to see at launch. That's why we've put together this list of games we know are coming and a few we hope to see.

Nintendo2016-10-20 (24)

We've known this was coming to Switch for a while - although it was called NX back then. It'll be a launch title and will be an enhanced edition of the game that is also coming out for Wii U in March next year.

Nintendo2016-10-20 (28)

Although we were initially very excited by the thought of a brand new Mario Kart game, the one in the preview trailer looks very much like Mario Kart 8. There's nothing wrong with that though, as it is likely to be enhanced a touch and is already one of the best racers around.

Nintendo2016-10-20 (32)

Our initial thoughts were that, like Mario Kart 8, the Mario game shown in the Switch preview trailer is just Super Mario 3D World remastered for the new console. That could still be the case, but we have heard rumours that an all-new Mario platformer is on the cards. Please please please.

Nintendo2016-10-20 (26)

With a fully remastered Skyrim coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC, it makes sense that the same version will be available for Switch too. It also hints that the graphical capabilities of the new console are equivalent to its current peers, even though it doubles as a handheld.

Nintendo2016-10-20 (31)

2K Games' recent NBA title seems destined to make the jump, if the preview trailer is anything to go by. It's certainly the best hoops game out there.

Nintendo2016-10-20 (34)

Considering how important Splatoon is to Nintendo, and a lot of the focus on Switch is its multiplayer capabilities, it stands to reason the third-person paint brawler will be a launch title. We heartily approve.

With Electronic Arts on the list of supporting publishers, we hope that'll mean there will be Nintendo Switch versions of Star Wars: Battlefront, FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 at the bare minimum. Square Enix pledges its support too so we hope a Switch version of Final Fantasy 15 is also on the cards.

And, ahem, Goldeneye?

We'll update this list as we come up with more we'd like to see, plus others that have been confirmed. Keep coming back to keep up to date.