Elaborate passwords can help keep hackers out of your online accounts, but they’re useless if you can’t remember them.

That’s why you should let Sticky Password Premium do the memorizing for you. Trusted by millions of users, Sticky Password Premium makes managing secure passwords seamless and effortless. Get a lifetime subscription for just £24.72 ($29.99 USD).

Sticky Password Premium bolsters your online security by generating tough, encrypted passwords for all your accounts. Instead of having to memorizing each password, you can rely upon Sticky Password to manage all of them using a single master password known only to you. You can choose to store your password information on the Cloud or locally. Either way, you’ll have access to all your important data on all your devices, whether they’re PC, Mac, Android, or iOS.

On top of managing your passwords, Sticky Password Premium also streamlines the login process. Using the information you put into Sticky Password’s protected storage, you can automatically login to accounts on recognized sites. What’s more, you can even auto-fill forms online using Sticky Password. That way, Sticky Password does double duty, securing your logins with tough passwords, while still making them accessible for the person they’re protecting.

A lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium is normally £123.63, but Pocket-lint readers take 80 per cent off the retail price, bringing the final price down to just £24.72 ($29.99 USD).