At the beginning of 2014, Netflix told Pocket-lint that offline viewing was never likely to happen. Licensing issues and local storage constraints were cited and the director of global communications at the time, Joris Evers, said that the company would rather concentrate on making its streaming service the best possible than offer downloads too.

However, he did leave the door open a crack: "I was going to say no, I was going to just categorically say no. But let me just tell you it’s very unlikely," he said at the time.

Now it looks like the company has had a change of heart. A growing number of recent reports suggest that not only will Netflix add an offline viewing feature, it is likely to come before the end of the year.

That means, in the next couple of months you could download shows and films to your portable devices to watch when you don't have an internet connection - such as on the Tube.

Amazon Video offers a similar feature to its Prime subscribers, as do services like Sky Go and BBC iPlayer, so it's not unfeasible Netflix will follow suit. Indeed, Dan Taitz, COO of video firm Penthera, revealed that Netflix's plans back in June.

"We know from our sources within the industry that Netflix is going to launch this product," he told Light Reading. "My expectation is that by the end of the year Netflix will be launching download-to-go as an option for their customers."

We're awaiting official confirmation from Netflix, but it seems we will all finally get a feature we've been requesting for more than two years. And sooner than we thought.