The 13th annual Pocket-lint Gadget Awards are just weeks away, with this year celebrating 14 categories from best phone and best camera to a couple of newbies in best VR device and best car.

There is also a 15th category in the form of Product of the Year, which is given to the best overall product based on the winners of each of the main categories. To be nominated within our Awards, all products and devices must have been reviewed by us in full over the last 12 months and as you can imagine, there are some fantastic contenders.

Every year in the run up to the Awards we produce a series of features, each of which dives a little deeper into the categories to give you the nominations for each and why they have been shortlisted. You can find all the previous features in our Awards hub, from Best Phone to Best Game, while here we are focusing on Best VR Device 2016.

As we mentioned, this is a brand new Pocket-lint Gadget Awards category, celebrating the arrival of virtual reality and looking at the best devices to watch or play VR content. There are five nominees from Google's Cardboard to HTC's Vive, but which should be crowned the VR king?

Click here to see the Awards nominees for 2016's Best VR Device in a little more detail to help you make your mind up about which one should get your vote.

Voting in the 13th annual EE Pocket-lint Awards is now open, so you can let us know which one of these great devices you think should win the Best VR Device award for this year and give us your verdict on all, or some, of the other tech across the 13 categories. Click here to vote.

Winners will be announced at the exclusive event in London on 23 November in association with EE. For now, keep an eye on the EE Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2016 hub for all the latest on how the voting works, who the elite judges are and the EE Pocket-lint Gadget Awards shortlist.