Speakers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, from larger options that have the power to fill your whole living room and then some, to smaller, portable ones that are great for taking to picnics or moving from room-to-room.

Finding the right speaker for you and your needs is no easy task, but don't worry, we have you covered. Here we have created a list of the best speakers currently available to buy. You'll find a mix of styles, power, sizes and budgets, all of which have been reviewed in full by us at some point in the last couple of years.

Whether you're hoping to start investing in a multi-room system, just want a medium-sized speaker or you're looking for a portable Bluetooth one, here are what we consider to be the best speakers of 2017, in no particular order.

Pocket-lintP1250727 copy

It's small, but the B&O BeoPlay A1's big sound makes it standout in the portable Bluetooth speaker market. We may have baulked at its £199 price tag at first, but given how good it sounds, we think it's worth every penny.

Sure, there's no Wi-Fi, AirPlay, waterproofing or 360-degree design like some of its competitors, but the solid battery, build quality, extra drive of bass and sheer audio clarity give this speaker the upper hand when it comes to sound quality. The BeoPlay A1 is well worth saving up for.

PRICE: From £199, Amazon

Bowers & Wilkins was right to wait for CSR's aptX technology to improve wireless audio transmission over Bluetooth before debuting its first portable speaker. It's an excellent example of style and substance that the brand can be proud of.

Apart from the fact the price will be out of reach for some, the only other downside is not so much of Bowers & Wilkins making, but of aptX's device integration. Unless you have a compatible smartphone handset, you won't get the benefit of the best-possible CD-quality audio, assuming your source files are up to scratch. That said, even if not, the T7 still sounds excellent.

PRICE: £300, Amazon

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The eye-catching Denon Envaya Mini is a mighty portable speaker capable of delivering big, burbling bass and quality audio over the airwaves. Genuinely portable, with its own carry case included, we can't think of a more desirable sub-£100 small-scale Bluetooth speaker.

Although there's no Wi-Fi/Airplay connectivity, the battery isn't as long-lasting as claimed, and we would prefer a steeper incline to project the sound up from typical desk height, those are minor quibbles in what is otherwise a top product. Don't be fooled by its small and unassuming size, at this price point the Envaya Mini is as good as portable Bluetooth speakers come.

PRICE: £79.99, Amazon

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The Libratone Zipp is a total rework of its 2012 original. The new quirky zip-up design is fun, while the physical size - which perhaps makes it a bit too large to cart around outside of the house - lends well to stomping bass and audio output considering its £219 price point.

That's the rub of it really: for only about £50 more than many smaller portable competitors, the Zipp gives an extra wallop of sound. If you're after an at-home portable speaker then Libratone, whether you know the name or not, seems to have that corner of the market neatly zipped-up here.

PRICE: From £219, Amazon

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The UE Boom 2 takes one of our favourite portable Bluetooth speakers, the original UE Boom, and makes it even better for round two. Full-on waterproofing and sharper sound match with a great looking cylindrical design - but it's more remake than sequel.

If you're looking for portable, premium sound wherever you are, then the UE Boom 2 hits the nail on the head. Have reasonable expectations for bass delivery and it's one seriously hot Bluetooth speaker.

PRICE: From £120, Amazon

Pocket-lintP1010220 copy

There are boat loads of portable Bluetooth speaker options but the UE Megaboom is a standout product; one only really limited by the high price point and less balanced omni-directional sound output than the smaller UE Boom model, which has now been succeeded by the Boom 2.

Even the high price can't muddy the raft of good points that see it swim along (literally if you dunk it in the bath, thanks to waterproofing) however: this bass-booming cylinder sounds great, looks great, and is tough enough to tackle music in the office, for that summer picnic or festival, or whatever else you happen to throw at it. It's Bluetooth speaker bliss.

PRICE: From £180, Amazon

Pocket-lintue wonderboom 10

If you want to invest in UE's range of portable Bluetooth speakers, but want something smaller than the Boom 2 or Megaboom, the Wonderboom is the boom for you. It's palm-sized, and like other speakers in the range, is protected against knocks, bumps, drops and splashes thanks to its rubberised casing. It can float too, so you can comfortably take it in the pool with you.

And when you turn it on, prepare yourself for an explosion of sound that belies its size. It can tackle all genres of music with aplomb, and will add life to any social scenario.

PRICE: From £90, Amazon

Pocket-lintP9990952 copy

The B&O Beolit 15 is a different prospect to most Bluetooth speakers of this size (230 x 189 x 135mm), in that it's portable. With a battery that lasts up to 24-hours that all-day picnic could turn into an all-night party. Though whether you'll really want to lug all 2.7kgs of it around, we're less convinced.

Where the Beolit 15 really delivers is in audio quality: it's loud, clear and delivers booming bass with crisp high-end that gives it as much pop as its champagne colour scheme. With so many other stay-at-home Bluetooth speakers available for less cash however, and with just as good sound delivery, the case for the Beolit is its portability.

PRICE: From £330, Amazon

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The thing about the Devialet Gold Phantom is that for most people, the slightly more affordable and lower-spec models in range will make better sense. And we think the silver and white finishes actually look better than the Gold's coppery-gold side panelling. The setup is laborious too.

Once settled in though, the futuristic-looking Phantom is a simply stunning speaker experience - for both the ears and the eyes. Living with a pair has made us want to keep them forever. At their best, a pair of Gold Phantom speakers delivers that rare, emotive kind of music reproduction. It's like liquid, audible gold... but about as expensive too.

PRICE: £2,190, Devialet

Pocket-lintkardon-12 copy

Those with picky ears can poke holes in the Harman Kardon Go + Play, but it is one of the few new, sub-£250 wireless speakers to offer both the clout of a main lounge speaker and real portability.

Despite being woefully lacking in the supplementary tech elements many of today’s speakers offer, it's still a solid buy that comes across as fun and vital in use. Not as some sort of tech relic.

PRICE: £210, Amazon

Pocket-lintNAIM_001 copy

Sure, we'd not call the Qb a budget speaker by any means, but its £595 price point is about as low as we thought we'd ever see from the Naim, um, name. If you're looking for high-quality audio at a smaller size and price compared to the original Mu-so then the Qb certainly makes a strong impression.

In terms of aesthetics and design it's second-to-none, with audio as cutting as those stand-out industrial looks. For a speaker so square the Qb is an all-round success.

PRICE: £649, John Lewis

The Play:1 is a great little speaker than has so much potential beyond the speaker itself that we can't recommend it enough as a starting place to embrace the Sonos system. It doesn't sound as good as the Play:3 but then this is a different proposition. This is about getting the most out of your digital streaming music service without spending a fortune in doing so. 

Buy someone one of these and they'll be going back a couple of weeks later to set up another one in another room. Expect music in your house to multiply very quickly and for good reason: the Sonos Play:1 is great.

PRICE: £189, Amazon

Pocket-lintB&W Zeppelin Wireless-5

Bowers & Wilkins' Zeppelin range over the years has always impressed where it most matters – with the music playback performance. The British company is renowned for putting aside fancy gimmicks and focusing on the audio experience foremost.

The sleek lines and iconic shape make it stand-out in any home or office environment, while the simplicity of use ensures it fits into rather than dominates your entertainment needs. If you are looking to add a premium wireless speaker into your life, the B&W Zeppelin Wireless is the one you seek. Just look at it.

PRICE: £499, Amazon

Pocket-lintheos 7 5 hs2 copy

If you're looking to invest in a good value multi-room audio system that can handle virtually all streaming services and file types – including the very best in Hi-Res lossless audio – you'll not find much better than the updated Denon Heos HS2.

The extensive choice of wireless speakers and amplifiers means you can build a complete multi-room system to suit the size of your home and budget, while the excellent Heos 7 HS2 offers enough performance and style to stand alone and impress in most living rooms. At the drop-down price of £380 the Heos 7 HS2 is a bargain, especially given the sound quality is on a par with the more expensive Sonos Play:5.

PRICE: £379, Amazon

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The Naim Mu-so is one seriously standout wireless speaker. Sure, its £895 price tag is going to deter its fullest possible audience, but the Mu-so is so good it's worth saving up for. The industrial design aesthetic mirrors some of Naim's higher-end Hi-Fi products and sound is sonically sensational whatever tracks you happen to throw at it.

It's a wonder why it took Naim so many years to create a wireless speaker, because the Mu-so is a stormer, as is the Mu-so Qb, its smaller and newer sibling. The larger Mu-so is one great-looking, great-sounding product with plenty of input sources and a decent app to boot. Hear it and believe: the Mu-so is the new-wave Hi-Fi for the 21st century.

PRICE: £995, John Lewis

Pocket-lintSonos Play 5

Sonos has a fantastic track record in delivering great speakers - and the 2015 Play:5 sets yet another precedent. It has a subtle yet sophisticated design that we love, offers a brilliant app to connect to streaming services and all your music, among other great features such as capacitive touch controls.

More importantly however, the sound it delivers is superb, especially with Trueplay software tuning. Yes it's slightly bass biased and there's no Hi-Res support but the Play:5 is all-round fantastic. Sonos has competition nipping at its heels left, right and centre, but the Play:5 shows what over a decade of experience can deliver. It's the ideal way to start a Sonos multi-room system, or add a badass centre piece to an existing one.

PRICE: £499, Amazon