Tablets and smartphones are great for enjoying games and movies on the sofa or browsing emails on the train on the way to work, but tablet or 2-in-1 computing is no match for actually getting things done when it comes to work. 

Whether it is video editing, spreadsheet managing, or just doing your job, you need a good laptop to get the task in hand sorted. Here we've compiled a list of the best laptops available on the market that we've reviewed in full. It covers all operating systems and all sizes, so you'll be armed with everything you need to consider when choosing to buy your next work machine be in Windows, Chrome OS, or MacOS.

Of course, the most important factor in buying a new laptop is making sure you have the best unit for you, including the best for your budget, the features you need, the size that feels right, the build quality you want and the platform that suits you best.

In no particular order, here are our best laptop picks:

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Buy the Acer Aspire for £699 from or for $599 from

At €699, the Aspire S13 is a luxe laptop poised to take on the likes of the MacBook Air, Dells and HPs of this world. But can it truly keep up?

Maybe not, but the S13 is a beacon of potential in the mid-level market rather than the MacBook Air-beater it so wants to be. Take it for that and there's plenty to please from this slender and suitably priced laptop.

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Buy the Apple MacBook for £1249 from or for $900 from

Apple's MacBook is one of the most beautiful and portable laptops we've ever seen. This updated version arrives with a faster processor and improved battery life, along with a new rose gold finish.

If you're after a stylish, peppy little laptop, then the 2016 MacBook is approaching just about perfect. It's bold, it's available in rose gold, and with all its trackpad and keyboard tech it feels like a futuristic extension of the company's wider range. Of course it's not the only MacBook Apple makes

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Buy the Asus ZenBook Pro UX501 for £1426 from or for $1489 from

Asus updated the ZenBook UX501 for 2016 with a USB-C port and Intel's Skylake CPUs, getting you as up-to-date as you could hope while keeping the fancy aluminium construction of last year's original version.

There are holes to poke, particularly in light of the competition such as this year's Dell XPS 15, but otherwise this Asus is a great laptop for those who don't care to much about portable use but do care about looking good.

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Buy the Dell XPS 15 for £1579 from or for $1,599 from

The XPS 15 is a fancy metal-topped laptop that's reasonably portable but also has loads of CPU power plus a dedicated GPU for a bit of gaming when you're not working on spreadsheets and the like.

Overall the Dell XPS 15 is exemplary as 15-inch laptops go. We can't think of any other Windows machine we'd rather own at this size.

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Buy the HP Spectre 13 for £1299 from or for $1173 from

The HP Spectre 13 is a concerted attempt to make something that looks about as far from a MacBook as possible, while still having the same level of design and portability credibility.

It works, particularly as the build quality, screen colour and contrast, keyboard and trackpad are all sound. Plus in the style stakes, this is the Windows 10 laptop few other companies can compete against.

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Buy the Lenovo Yoga 900S for £999 from or for $999 from

With the introduction of the Yoga 900S, Lenovo has taken the design concept of the 900 and wrapped it into a slimmer carbon fibre build, with a slightly smaller 12.5-inch screen.

As laptop design goes, it's up there with the best. It's ultra-portable and practical, with ample battery life, silent operation and performance that, while it won't blow anyone away, is sufficient.

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Buy the Apple MacBook Pro (2016) for around £1449 from or for $1,399 from

Apple's MacBook Pro is the company's "pro" range and the 2016 model brings a number of changes including a brighter screen, a move to Thunderbolt 3 connections, a new keyboard and trackpad, and more powerful specs. 

The new MacBook Pro Range also features a number of models with Apple's new technology dubbed "TouchBar" that gives contextual shortcuts based on the app you have open. While the TouchBar tech is fantastic for specific niche apps, we prefer the non-TouchBar version. It's cheaper, but just as powerful. 

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