Google announced its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones at the beginning of October, revealing the new Android poster boys for all the world to see.

The two devices take over from the popular Nexus range and they bring premium designs, flagship specs, and all the latest features Google has to offer with Android Nougat.

The front of the Pixel and Pixel XL is clean and fuss free, while the rear of the two devices features a combination of metal and glass, with the latter housing a fingerprint sensor and a rear camera that sits flush to the device.

As we always say though, keeping lovely-looking smartphones looking lovely is no easy task. In fact, it's pretty much impossible without a case of some sort offering some protection unless you are super careful. Luckily there are a few case options out there already for the Pixel and Pixel XL, with some of the most exciting actually coming from Google itself on this occasion.

No doubt more Pixel and Pixel XL cases will appear over the next couple of months so as usual, we will be adding to this feature as more catch our eye. 

For now though, click here for the best Pixel and Pixel XL cases we have found so far.