With Google set to release its first Pixel-branded phones, the Nexus smartphone range is expected to be resigned to history. With that move comes the end to one of the handset series' most loved by Android purists, and the end of manufacturers having any branding or headlining of any kind.

The new phones will be "Made by Google", in marketing at least. In reality, Google has contracted HTC to build its phones. But it seems as though they'll launch with just a simple "G" logo on the back. No manufacturing brand, and no Nexus stamp. 

With its Nexus range, Google aimed to build phones that showed off all the best and latest features of its Android operating system. And while its experience was pure and unmatched, the Nexus phones have never been a runaway market success. Without the marketing budget and widespread availability of devices like the Samsung Galaxy range, it has never been a best seller. 

Before the Nexus name disappears off the back of phones for good, take a walk through our gallery to remember all the Nexus phones released so far.

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