If you’re willing to pay premium for web streaming content, it’s only fair that you should be able to access it anywhere. Unfortunately, with many streaming sites locked down by geo-restrictions, viewing your favorite shows abroad can be a hassle.

Thankfully, SimpleTelly lets you bypass those pesky geo-restrictions anywhere, and Pocket-lint readers can get a lifetime subscription for just £29.46 ($39 USD).

SimpleTelly is a smart DNS service that lets you sneak by geo-restrictions to access streaming sites normally censored abroad. Similar to a VPN, SimpleTelly lets you view under the radar, but it doesn’t tax your bandwidth, allowing you to stream your favorite shows at peak performance.

With SimpleTelly, you can access your favorite sites like Netflix, Hulu, ABC, NBC, and more straight from your laptop, tablet, console, or any other internet-connected device. Plus, SimpleTelly lets you stream from an unlimited number of devices.

SimpleTelly also puts zero limits on your streaming time and lets you binge-watch your favorite shows using your own internet speed. Unlike other services, SimpleTelly doesn’t make you suffer through buffering videos. With this service, you just intercept the content you need.

What’s more, SimpleTelly’s service extends to over 130 channels and even lets you bypass live event blackouts like NFL games. With a network that’s available in 36 countries and counting, this DNS service is sure to have your back when you travel.

A lifetime subscription to SimpleTelly normally goes for £113.33, but Pocket-lint readers can save big for a limited time. On sale for over 70% off, a lifetime subscription to SimpleTelly is available for only £29.46.