It’s been decades since their release, and gaming on the NES is still going strong. While true gamers never outgrow the classics, Bluetooth technology has made wires obsolete.

Now, you can finally make your retro gaming wireless thanks to The Complete NES Bluetooth Controller Kit, now on sale for just £37.79 ($49.99 USD).

Here’s one big feature: use the included Xtander to connect your controller to your smartphone, and play all your mobile games with retro style. You can also plug in the included Retro Receiver into your NES console, and you’re ready to start gaming wirelessly.

On top of that, the Retro Receiver is compatible with PS3, PS4, Wiimote, and Wii U Pro, so you can utilize your controller on your favorite consoles. With wires finally out of the picture, you won’t have to waste precious time untangling your controllers from one another.

And the controller’s generous Bluetooth range, you can game without having to set your console up in front of the couch. Finally, you have a way to play through Super Mario Kart and Contra without accidentally yanking out your controller. And the controller comes with a built-in CPU and FLASH memory chip for upgradeable firmware.

The SNE/NES Bluetooth Controller & Retro Receiver Set normally retails for £44.60, but Pocket-lint readers can get it for a special discount. For a limited time, the SNE/NES Bluetooth Controller & Retro Receiver Set is on sale for only £37.79.