Packing for travel doesn’t always have to mean wrinkly shirts and socks. While it’s tough fitting all our prized outfits in one bag, cramming them into a wrinkly mess is no way to travel. Thankfully, the Rolo Travel Bag is here, and with it you can take your wardrobe on the go, wrinkle-free.

Pocket-lint readers can get the Rolo Travel Bag on sale for just £32.43 ($42.99 USD) for a limited time.

When it comes to on-the-go packing, the Rolo brings storage and portability together. The bag comes with two large and two small mesh pockets, designed to hold all your travel essentials, and it easily rolls up to save space.

When you’re ready to switch outfits, simply unroll the bag, hang it using the 360-degree hanging hook, and voila, you have an entire wardrobe at your disposal. Once you’re done, you can simply roll up the bag and sling it over your shoulder or hook it on to your backpack for easy transport.

While everyone can benefit from the Rolo’s space-saving design, campers and backpackers truly get extra bang for their buck thanks to bag’s durable and water-resistant construction. Whether you’re trudging through rivers or camping in the forest, the Rolo lets you cut down on bulk and keeps your precious clothes dry.

The Rolo Travel Bag usually sells for £37.71, but Pocket-lint readers can get their own for a 14 per cent discount, making the final price just £32.43.