Browsing without a VPN is like riding a bike without a helmet. Sure, it’s comfortable, but it only takes one wrong move to land in a world of hurt. Fortunately, there are VPNs out there that offer secure browsing without getting in the way.

Take Privatoria VPN for example. This multi-purpose VPN protects your surfing on several fronts, and setting it up doesn’t require a computer science degree. For a limited time, Pocket-lint readers can get a three year subscription to Privatoria VPN for just £21.88 ($29 USD).

With Privatoria VPN, you can encrypt your browsing using over 10 servers worldwide. You can hide under the radar by masking your IP address and lock down your data through encrypting your passwords and credit card details. Plus, Privatoria never logs your browsing activity, giving you ultimate online privacy.

What’s more, Privatoria lets you bypass geo-restrictions in over 60 countries. With this level of coverage, you can binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu whenever you travel abroad.

Privatoria also locks down your emails with top-tier 256-bit AES email encryption, and it even lets you share sensitive files securely. Using Privatoria’s 24-hour self-destruct functionality, your shared files will automatically delete themselves if they’re not downloaded by the proper recipient in time.

A three-year subscription to Privatoria VPN normally retails for £860.07, but Pocket-lint readers can get three years of Privatoria protection for only £21.88 - that’s a savings of over 90 per cent!