It's been more than a year and a half since Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from Top Gear - well, since the BBC decided not to renew his contract to be more accurate - and we've been waiting almost that entire time to see what he and fellow ex-presenters Richard Hammond and James May could deliver next.

We've known for a fair while that they were snapped up by Amazon for an extraordinary amount of money to make an all-new car show, but solid details were few and far between.

But now we know the on-air date for the first episode of The Grand Tour and it's coming up rapidly.

Here then is our handy guide on when and where you can watch Clarkson, May and Hammond attempt to grind the BBC's refreshed Top Gear into dust.

The Grand Tour is the new car show featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. It differs from Top Gear in that it is being filmed in different locations around the world. The studio, which houses a live audience, is based in a large tent that visits different countries and cities. These include Johannesburg in South Africa and California. It will also visit the UK soon too.

There are features and larks that the presenters have been filming globally in 2016 and more about the content itself will be revealed in time.

A trailer has been released, which you can see below.

The Grand Tour starts on Friday 18 November, with the first episode airing globally on that day. It will then continue over the following 11 weeks, with each new episode being aired on subsequent Fridays. There are 12 episodes in season one.

Sadly, as Amazon paid big bucks for the exclusive rights to The Grand Tour, you will only be able to watch the show on Amazon Video. You'll also need a Prime subscription which costs £79 a year in the UK but also includes free next-day delivery across millions of items on Amazon and other benefits.

A trial period of 30 days is available for new subscribers, so if you sign up on 18 November you can at least see the first four episodes for free before deciding to opt for the full subscription.

There are applications for Amazon Video across a vast number of connected devices, including Smart TVs, set-top-boxes and mobile devices, so you'll be able to watch it in a number of ways - including when out and about.

Amazon Video also allows for offline viewing for the vast majority of its in-house programming, so we expect you'll also be able to download the show to an iPad, say, and watch it when travelling.

There are currently no indications on whether Amazon plans to sell second screening rights to conventional broadcasters.