Amazon has announced a new version of its popular Amazon Echo Dot device that works within the Amazon Alexa eco-system.

The Echo Dot, which had previously been on sale in the US, has now come to the UK, getting a full revamp and refresh at the same time.

The device can be connected to any Bluetooth speaker within range, or for older speakers via a line-in cable.

Understanding that you might have a handful of Echo Dots and Echo devices in the home, Amazon has worked to make sure that only one of the devices responds depending on where you are in the house and how far you are from the closest device.

The new Amazon Echo Dot device will come in gloss black and gloss white. In the US it will cost $49 in the US and £49 in the UK. You'll be able to buy the Dot in a 6 or 12 pack so you can blanket coverage your home with the devices.

You can run Dot independently and can buy it without an Echo. There is no need to own an Echo to purchase.

The news comes on the back of the announcement from Amazon that it will be launching the Amazon Echo in the UK for £179.