Amazon has announced that its voice-controlled, cloud-connected speaker is coming to the UK in the form of Amazon Echo.

Having been released in the United States mid-2015, the system is finally ready for a wider roll-out.

It connects a user to Amazon's cloud voice and information engine Alexa. The speaker is a 360-degree tube, with multiple drivers and several microphones that switch on when the user barks "Alexa". It can then be commanded to find weather, web details, football results and much more, which it draws from the internet and speaks aloud through text to speech technology.

It can even read entire books to you or your children. And in a British accent to boot, as it is localised for specific audiences.

What's more, Sky News and other UK services are integrated.

For those worried about privacy, the Amazon Echo can be muted, which means it does not listen for a wake word and even switches the microphone on. This is signified by a red light that switches on at the top of the device. It addition, whenever it is switched on and listening, the blue LED lights up and you know it is definitely listening.

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The European version of the Amazon Echo is now available to pre-order in the UK and will be available on an invite programme in Germany. It'll ship in the autumn. It'll be available in both black and white colour schemes for £149.99 and €179.99 respectively.

Prime customers will be able to get £50/€50 off for a limited period.