Amazon currently has a trio of Alexa-controlled devices: Echo, Tap and Echo Dot, each of which serves a different purpose. The Echo Dot is the cheapest of the three and connects to your existing speakers to add Alexa voice control capabilities.

The Echo Dot has been sold out since it was launched in the US in July this year, but Amazon could be launching a newer, cheaper model if a recently deleted tweet is to be believed.

The tweet said: "Introducing the all-new Echo Dot. Add Alexa to any room - now for just $49.99". That looks like pretty conclusive evidence to us and the fact Amazon quickly deleted the tweet after the unfortunate leak, only furthers speculation that a new Echo Dot is on the way.

There was a link included in the tweet as well, but that takes you to a sold out page for the Echo Dot and no mention of a new one being released.

The Echo Dot connects to your existing speakers via a 3.5mm output, it does have a small built-in speaker, but it will work better connected to something more powerful. You can ask it to play music from a range of services via Alexa, along with controlling smart home connected devices and it can even order you a pizza.

It sounds like the perfect gadget and if a cheaper one is one the way, it will only make it more desirable.