iOS 10 is nearly here, and time is running out to get a head start on mastering it.

With app developers eager to learn its newest features, iOS 10 is going to make a splash in the tech industry. So, knowing the update’s ins and outs is a great way to get their attention. WIth the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course, you can start mastering iOS 10 the minute it launches.

For a limited time, the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course is on sale to Pocket-lint readers for only £21.83 ($29).

Packed with more than 80 hours of training, this course will teach you how to build apps with iOS 10. You’ll explore coding with Swift, Apple’s very own programming language, and you’ll learn how to integrate iOS 10’s newest features like facial recognition into your own apps. On top of mastering Swift, you’ll also get exposed to SiriKit and use it to improve app functionality with Siri.

You’ll also immerse yourself in game design and use SpriteKit Games to build your own titles. Whether they’re for TVOS, iPad, or even Apple watch, you’ll learn how to design games and apps for several platforms.

As an added bonus, the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course comes with the Complete iOS 9 Hacker Training course bundled in for free. Featuring over 90 hours of iOS 9 training, this course will provide you with even more app-building practice as you build over 100 apps from scratch with Xcode 7 and Swift.

Bundled together, these two courses retail for £1127.80, but Pocket-lint readers can get the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course on sale for only £21.83.